How a Lover is Made

What to say about the beautiful boy who grew up thinking he was human? I’ll leave it to him to tell his story to his old friend Gielen Rojas.

Separate chapters are:lover cover


01 April 2012 – How a Lover is Made draft v1

A few more changes, hopefully some more typos corrected (how do they become invisible?). This is what I am calling my first draft of this section of the book. It’s a pdf, it’s a wall of text. Apologies but when I get chance I promise I’ll reformat to improve readability (other than the fact that the words will still be mine).

29 April 2012 – How a Lover is Made v2

Yeah, well. I just can’t resist Gihon. He is a favourite to play with when I struggle with the others. Click on the link above to receive wall of text.

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