Lytton Estate 2

 “Mr Lytton.” Why would security be calling him at this ungodly hour of the night? “Mr Lytton, sorry to disturb you, but you said you wanted to know if Mr Jensson left his room.” Richard Lytton is suddenly wide awake in his large and lonely bedroom. “Just to let you know sir that Mr Jensson has gone the pool, he is swimming. He is alone.”

“Thank you. Oh… if you would turn off the cameras in the pool, I’d appreciate the privacy.” The security team have been rewarded for their discretion in the past, they know who pays their wages and tonight will be no different for them.


Alyssa wakes to find she is in an unexpected embrace. It does not seem as traumatic as she thought it might be. Already awake, he notes the change in her breathing and murmurs a good morning as he snuggles her closer to him. This is too close. She pulls away from his hold as she feels the pressure of him against the back of her shorts. No, never with a man.

“Have we been like this all night?” She tells herself not to be angry with him, it was just morning glory, he would be over it soon enough. She doesn’t remember being disturbed by anything, can’t recall the last time she slept so well and felt so refreshed.

“Not all night. I couldn’t sleep, got up about three and went for a swim.”

“OK.” She had no problem with that; at least he had come back to the right bed for the weekend. Turning and looking at him she sees something else – was that guilt in his eyes? “And?” It was as much a sigh as a question; she braces herself for the answer.

“I didn’t think anyone would be around. I didn’t bother with lights. It was nice with the moonlight through the windows so I just dived in. Later I hear someone else in the room and there’s your god-father. Watching me. He, erm … he seemed quite pleased to see me.”

“And you weren’t wearing anything, were you.” That was a statement not a question. Well, they had warned him – Richard and his taste for young men had always been one of the facts of life while she was growing up. Too late to prevent the car crash, she still has to ask the question but is surprised by how uncomfortable she is with it. Other than maybe a slight loss of face what should it matter to her if he’d been intimate with Lytton? The house had known far greater indiscretions. “OK. No problem. We can deal with this. How far did you go?”

“Not far enough, apparently. I know … I know you told me, but it was a shock all the same. He asked me to join him in a night-cap, offered to help me dry off when I got out of the water and then, and then … he was on me so quickly. Are all men that aggressive? Hands everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. Soon as I could I said I was flattered but I was with you, I made my excuses and ran back up here.” He slumps into the bed, trying to disappear. “Can I have a headache for the rest of our stay and just hide here in bed?” She shakes her head and has to turn away from him again so he doesn’t see her stifle the giggle that threatens to break through. “Why me? Why should he want me? Does he go for every man who turns up here?”

“Does that matter? Oh, come on, come over here …” and she drags him out of bed and forces him to look in the full length mirror he made such a good job of avoiding the previous night “…have you ever really looked at yourself?” Facing himself in the mirror seems to be an ordeal – she has to hold his head in both hands to force him to look into the glass. “Someone needs to tell you just how attractive you are. Whatever accident was behind your design you have turned out to be a stunner. Not sure if you are pretty or handsome, I’m not really the right one to ask when it comes to men, but so much charisma – it’s like you shine. You’re tall. You have great hair. Never underestimate the value of great hair. OK, so you’re on the thin side. Thin is a fashionable look. Thin and muscular is very popular this year I believe. And … even I have to say, in your case it certainly seems to show off your … ah … attributes quite nicely, well, you know, if I was interested in such things.”

Just the two of them together, this time she finds she enjoys staring at him. The first time she might not have been able to look at look at his maleness, somehow each day it has got easier and easier. Calm seems to radiate from his skin to her fingers and suddenly it’s difficult not to stroke him. Standing slightly behind and to one side of him the bodies reflected back in the mirror could be any couple new to each other. He might be uncomfortable about looking at himself but he thinks it is normal for anyone to see him naked. She is not so brave, a cotton vest and shorts mark the boundaries she has set. “To answer your question, no, he doesn’t go for any random stray male in the early hours. I’ll have you know he has very high standards when it comes to men.”

She laughs, of all the things to forget to tell him. The nurse was clearly besotted by him but he didn’t have the experience to turn that into confidence. No wonder he didn’t know how to react to Lytton. Maybe that was why he was so tentative around her. For all his learning he really was an innocent.

“My God but you are in for a shock tonight. When people stare at you, and trust me they will, it will be because they want you and then, then they will stare at me and think how lucky I am. Women and men. You OK with that?” She nods his head for him. “You feel suitably reassured?” Another nod. “Good. Now get in the shower and put some clothes on that tight little arse before I forget I don’t like men.” Playfully she makes to grab for him as he skips out of the way. “Don’t be too long, I want a shower too. It must be time to face Richard and his breakfast table before he sends a search party out for us.”

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